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Sour Patch

Sour Patch Kids Skuba 170g

Sour Patch Kids Skuba 170g

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SOUR PATCH KIDS SCUBA - Delicious fruit flavoured lollies in fun, sea-themed shapes, covered in a sour then sweet blast!

What’s Sour then Sweet but always delicious? You already know: SOUR PATCH KIDS lollies! Dive in & uncover SOUR PATCH KIDS SCUBA the fizziest posse of sea-themed critters, waiting to take your tastebuds on a sour then sweet deep-sea adventure!

Disrupt the dull with our awesome candy flavours including Blue Raspberry, Pineapple, Mango Peach & Cherry Cola.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Invert Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Thickener (Acid Modified Wheat Starch), Food Acids (Fumaric, Citric, Tartaric), Flavours, Spirulina Extract, Colours (Grape Skin Extract, Anthocyanins, Curcumin, Paprika Oleoresins), Cornstarch.

allergy Info: Gluten| WheatNut

Australia Import

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