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Fanta Berry Flavoured Soda 355ml

Fanta Berry Flavoured Soda 355ml

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Fanta Berry Flavoured Soda is a blue-coloured, bright, bubbly, and caffeine-free beverage that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Pop those bottles and cans of berry-luscious drinks as you host a Friday, non-alcoholic drink get-together with friends and family! Or, throw a few of them in the cooler for your weekend camping. Pop one for yourself after a long day's work. It totally depends on how you want to experience Fanta® Berry Flavoured Soda.

Fanta Berry Flavoured Soda is caffeine-free so you wouldn't have to worry about tummy tremors and hand flutters. So, go ahead and experience what FANTAstic really means!
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